What we bring to the table


Our multi layered approach to storytelling is integrated +.

We join up the channels, so the audience sees a consistent story.

We collaborate with the smartest food partners and influencers in all aspects of the food chain.

We plan, design and create the content that engages your customers.

We test and create recipes in our on-site Ceres Kitchen.

We make it easy. We make it thorough. We make it count.

What we offer


We focus on the ‘why’ behind the story as well as the ‘what’. We have conversations rather than sell ins. We build coverage opportunities that matter. And we understand the importance of multimedia content to match media needs and audience triggers.

Press office - news-creation - feature placement – profiling - recipe marketing – broadcast planning

We build and manage communities. We create the content that feeds them, drive dialogue that makes them real, and use a full suite of tools to drive commercial and reputational growth.

Content marketing – reputation and issues management – targeted advertising – analytics and keyword planning - SEO - community management

Working in our on-site studio or on location, our team of content creators develop attention grabbing content that resonates with the audience, grabs attention and tells your story.

Recipe development – food photography – video content – storytelling – blog and web copy – gifs – animation

      We champion the benefits of advance planning for potential risk as well as handling live situations for both real and audience perceived issues, and across a broad set of business stakeholders

      Planning and exploration workshops - crisis comms plans - live response - monitoring and alert systems

      We work on NPD challenges, on brand refreshes, on industry initiatives and all aspects of helping a brand or organisation make its mark and turn heads in its category.

      Business review – research - audience mapping - message development - logo design – brand guidelines – packaging

      We have been working on sustainability challenges, issues and opportunities for more than 16 years for our clients. Bringing grounded and practical experience to messaging, stakeholder communications, smart business practice, and improvement initiatives.

      Business review - strategy and journey planning - purpose building – internal and stakeholder alignment. - issues management - best practice review.

      We forge partnerships. We find the creative and strategic match. We co-create content. We seek out and manage ambassadors. And we find the win-win situations that drive the richest levels of engagement and value.

      We understand that face-to-face can be a powerful comms channel. From concept, through to implementation, our events will help you stand out from the crowd.

      Stand design - Stand build - Product sampling - Product demonstrations - Full event management – Staffing – virtual events

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