PR is about connecting, engaging and influencing in all kinds of ways.

Getting to know our clients’ business is one of the perks of PR! We love learning about what makes your business tick and what it is about your brand that makes it special. We relish getting under the skin of what you do – from factory visits and tastings to just listening to the passion when you share your story. All this helps us to create the most effective strategy for your business or organisation.

With the myriad of different channels that are available today to reach customers, it’s vital we get to know your business; then we can make sure that we use the best (and most cost effective) route to get you where you need to be.

We have a 360 degree approach to planning – so a campaign may be a mix of media relations (both consumer or B2B); digital outreach; and creating creative but shareable content – from videos and infographics to videos and imagery. It may include events and experiential, but what it won’t be is boring… and what it will be is effective, engaging, targeted and results driven.


Milk & More milkmen deliver 250 million bottles of milk every year direct to customers' doorsteps, as well as a range of groceries including foods from local and British suppliers.

Ceres provides a proactive press office for milk&more, including traditional PR services as well as social media management and monitoring.

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