Case Study:

LEAF Open Farm Sunday

What we did:

LEAF Open Farm Sunday is Britain’s annual celebration of agriculture. Since it began in 2006 more than 2m people have visited a farm on the day and it plays a major role in connecting consumers with the people who produce their food & so much more. Ceres works with LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) to engage farmers, stakeholders and consumers across multiple channels. Activity includes a national and regional press office, content creation and social media outreach. This 360º approach ensures that not only is the event itself showcased, but that the story of farming is told, and key messages regarding sustainable farming communicated. Key supporters have included Chris Evans, Martin Lewis and Adam Henson.

Project Deliverables


including influencer outreach, ambassadors, case studies and research

Content creation

including gif, graphics, videos and photography

Social media

including farmer, stakeholders and consumer engagement advertising

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