Case Study:

Milk & More

What we did:

A rebranding for Milk & More coincided with the BBC’s Blue Planet TV series. The programme had and continues to have, a massive impact on how single use plastic is used, with more and more consumers looking to shop in a more ‘mindful’ way. Our task was to demonstrate how the environmental credentials of Milk & More fit with the change in consumer behaviour and how the brand can help them live more sustainably. From British milk in the iconic glass bottles, to the new electric fleet, the range of organic produce, often locally sourced and the sustainable packaging, Milk & More has a lot to offer the mindful consumer. Working as part of a multi channel team, Ceres role was to raise awareness of the Milk & More offer and the company gained 75,000 customers over the course of a year.

Project Deliverables


News generation, local media outreach, product and people profiles, awards and brand story telling

PR Results

Activity generated 138 pieces of coverage in 2019.

Social media

Social media monitoring, strategy and customer service support

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