Each month over on our LinkedIn page we look back at some of our achievements and highlights from the previous month, but this month we wanted to look at the achievements of others instead. At this difficult time, we’ve been inspired by the ways people, organisations and brands have come together to support one another, adapted their businesses models on incredibly short notice, and provided relief to those that need it.

From the individuals like the amazing Captain Tom Moore (who had us all in tears last week and who has become a symbol for the Covid-19 fundraising effort) and every single key worker who continues to put themselves at risk on the front line, to companies that have supplied money, food and relief. There are daily examples of positivity within the uncertainty we continue to face.

In the food sector we see these both from our clients and from the wider industry as whole. 

Hundreds of companies are providing food to local food banks, while many other food companies, including those in the hospitality industry, are providing food direct to the NHS. Others are offering discounts to key workers, or in the case of many breweries allowing you to buy members of the NHS a well deserved pint

And it’s not just here in the UK; all across the globe similar is happening, like members of the California Walnut industry, the Nutty Gourmet, donating nut butters to the UC Davis Medical Center.

On a smaller scale, but equally important, people continue to donate what they can to help their neighbours and communities, with food larders even appearing in telephone boxes to allow people to help themselves.

We of course can't forget the home delivery companies who are working day and night to ensure as many of us have groceries to our door as possible, including the milkmen from Milk and More.

The Independent have rounded up some more examples here, including local to us, chef Tom Kerridge’s ‘Meals from Marlow' campaign  These are just a very small sample of the amazing work taking place - there are, and will continue to be, many, many more before this is over.

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