When Ceres heard about a special, 6-year-old budding baker called Eva, we knew we had to get involved. We always love to hear about the next generation of cooks, but Eva is an exceptional little girl who suffers from a unique neurological condition. Whilst Eva loves nothing more than getting creative in the kitchen, she has challenges doing everyday tasks. She has not just one, but two genetic mutations, one in a gene called GRM1 and the other in a gene called MECP2. The effects of the GRM1 mutation are still unclear, but Eva’s MECP2 mutation indicates that she has an atypical variant of Rett syndrome, a rare, debilitating neurological condition that affects mainly girls.

Eva’s difficulties with balance and coordination severely affect her mobility, her language disability makes it hard for her to communicate with her peers and she struggles to process new information. But she continues to make progress and while her developmental delay means there is a gap between her and her peers, she continues to refine old skills and develop new ones. The six-year-old rides horses, dances, swims, scoots, goes trampolining and adores craft and cooking.

Wanting to do whatever they could to help Eva’s parents, Carla and Adam Turner set up charity Eva’s Friends to help fund research into making a breakthrough in treatments and cures for Rett syndrome. Ceres have adopted the charity and are supporting their 1 in 20,000 campaign to raise awareness for the thousands of children born with rare neurological conditions like Eva. There are approximately 20,000 genes in the human genome and a fault in just one of them can cause a serious genetic condition. We’ve helped Carla spread the message by making a video helping with their Facebook page and talking to newspapers and radio stations. To help make a difference to so many children’s lives for just £2 a month please visit https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/evasfriends

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