It’s no secret that I am an enthusiast of short form video and can be generally found during any downtime with headphones on, trawling the internet for its latest and greatest offerings - which I marvel at, dissect and, *ahem*… borrow from. What was it Picasso said? “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.

So it was reassuring to know I’m in good company when this process was positively encouraged during a recent Breakfast Briefing on short video content from the Content Marketing Association. With five guest speakers covering topics from budgets and strategy to distribution there was a wealth of talent and knowledge in the room. Jani Guest from Independent Films shared some of their fantastic content including fun stuff for Mentos and the highly creative ‘Room 8’ for Bombay Sapphire that picked up a BAFTA amongst other awards.

Jani also gave an insight into industry budgets, which they found to have peaked last year at approximately £121K per film and have trailed off to around £75K this year. That’s what the bigger brands are spending per piece, but Jani didn’t mention how many of these each brand are investing in.

Ben Uttley from Stamp Productions emphasised the importance of strong narrative, but also gave away a cheeky secret to getting extra online traction - by sharing your ‘rushes’ with wider platforms such as LADbible, providing the footage is strong enough, and letting the platforms make their own film as they will tailor it to their audience you’ll get some free (sort of) publicity. In their case, with Honda, to the tune of over 6 million extra views. The downside is you relinquish control of your content, but it could produce some great ROI.

Junior Moyo from Wall of Comedy provided great insight into capturing the attention of the 18-24 year old market, and with over 3 billion, yes that’s BILLION, views on their platform they speak with some authority on the subject. It’s all in the LOL, WTF and OMG moments in the first few seconds of a video, apparently. JBH’s Jane Hunt extolled the virtues of collaboration with the platform who helped them to gain credibility with this hard to reach audience for a campaign for YES London through a series of humorous videos. So Wall of Comedy is clearly a platform worth considering for anyone trying to reach the millennial market.

Finally Jose De Cabo from Olapic shared some interesting stats on the benefits of using moving images on social media: 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video, while 74 % of all internet traffic is video in 2017 – and growing! So you can no longer ignore the power of video. Clearly not everyone has £75K to spend on videos, but whatever your budget there is a way you can incorporate moving images into your strategy. Our in-house team produce a range of content including GIF’s, videos and animation, so get in touch to see how we can help…

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