Open Farm Sunday is always one of the highlights of the year for the Ceres team and this one was no different!

Earlier this month LEAF Open Farm Sunday saw more than 350 farms opening their gates to the public to help strengthen the relationship between farmers and consumers. Among the quarter of a million people who attended an event were two special visitors - in the form of radio and TV royalty Chris Evans, and actual royalty HRH The Countess of Wessex.

Chris Evans certainly got the farming bug, interviewing Dairy Farmer Abi Reader a few days before Open Farm Sunday and then attending a farm on the day itself. He was so amazed by some of the facts her learnt that he dedicated his Radio 2 Breakfast Show the day afterwards to farm facts.

LEAF also welcomed its Honorary President, HRH The Countess of Wessex to the Waitrose Farm, Leckford Estate where she toured the event and spoke with staff, helpers and visitors, as well as speaking with ITV Meridian for a feature on the evening news.

Ceres created and shared a number of pieces of content, aimed at both farmers and consumers, to highlight Open Farm Sunday messaging. This included a reworking of the Old MacDonald nursery rhyme as ‘Young MacDonald’ to address public misconceptions of farming. We filmed with one of our local schools, Springfield Primary School, where the singing club had great fun learning the new lyrics.

Of course it wouldn't be Open Farm Sunday without the Ceres team heading out to farms themselves including Open Farm Sunday team members Emma and Lou who visited fruit growers Sheeplands Farm.

We can't wait now to get working on plans for LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2018 (June 10th 2018)!

(Chris Evans picture courtesy of PartyBales™)

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