Although the life of a PR agency is often thought of as a bustling, busy hub of activity, for the most part of our day we are sat at a desk! And when you’re spending the day furiously pinging out emails and answering the phone, it can be easy to let good posture slip off your to do list. It may feel awkward at first, but correcting your posture can massively help to relieve muscle tension, meaning you end up feeling more relaxed at work.

We were lucky enough recently to have a visit from the Dynamic Family Chiropractic and have a ‘lunch and learn’ session all about posture (any excuse for food and we’ll take it!). The session proved to be extremely helpful, with most of us realising that the way we are sitting in our chairs at the office, in our seats when driving, and how we lie down when sleeping is damaging to our health.

They gave some very simple steps to help correct our posture, which we all agreed felt unnatural at first because we are so used to sitting in a certain way. But after persevering we should begin to see a positive impact on our back, neck and shoulder health. Here’s a few of the tips that we found most useful:

When sitting at your desk, ensure that your back is at a 90-degree angle to your legs, and that the backs of your knees are not touching the edge of your chair. This will ensure that your lower back is supported, and that there is no strain on your muscles.

When sleeping, you should make sure that you have a comfortable pillow that supports your neck. Try not to sleep face down, as this will cause aches and pains in your back and shoulders. Try to keep your neck and head straight when you lie down, this should help you get a better night’s sleep.

When driving, make sure that your bottom is level with your knees and that you can easily reach the wheel while your shoulders are resting back on your seat. It also helps to have your chin pointing downwards so that you aren’t straining your neck.

So, changing our posture can help us to feel more relaxed at work as our muscles will be less tense and stiffened. So with a bit of practice, good posture will become second nature, even after our body has become used to sitting and standing in a certain way.

If you’d like to find out more about posture and what you can do to change yours for the better, check out the Dynamic Family Chiropractic website.  

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