On your marks, get set… bake! It’s the words we’ve all been waiting to hear. As the youngest set of contestants headed into the Bake Off tent on Tuesday, we’re ready to put our evenings on pause to watch just over a baker’s dozen of contestants, - with an-eye for precision and creativity, whisk up some mouth-watering baking creations. The first episode saw nervous laughter, excitement and a sprinkling of the unknown, the question on everyone’s mind of course is who’s going to be the one to win over the judges and get the first handshake from Paul?

This week, Paul and Prue tasked the 13 bakers with making a fruit cake in their first signature challenge. My first impressions was that Dan was a bit of a risk taker, making last minute changes to his fruit cake which did, in fact, result in a Paul Hollywood eyebrow raise! Michael’s mum seemed to give her son the perfect advice - “be calm, be slow, be confident” and the nation's hearts broke as we watched Henry’s intricately piped icing house fall before our eyes!

Jamie seemed to be a firm favourite in the public’s eye as they took to Twitter to express their love for him. He seemed strangely calm saying to the camera “that’s inedible” but my favourite part of the hour and a half long episode had to be when Jamie said “Rosie, I forgot to add my eggs!” We’ll be honest Jamie, you’re not off to the best start, but we’re still rooting for you.

Just from the first episode of 2019, I can already tell that Jamie is going to make me laugh, Henry is going to be the precision king and David is going to give us some unexpected surprises.

It’s fair to say, this year’s contestants have won us over already.

With this year being the 10th anniversary of Bake Off – can you believe that! I can’t… it’s off to a great start.

I’ll just end on Phil’s thoughts - “this is a bit…as we say…technical” – it is the Great British Bake Off, Phil!

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