I joined the wonderful world of PR in 2015 following a decade in TV, advertising and several years working in Milan. Back then I was as green as the produce grown by our very own Discover Great Veg. It’s quite laughable now, but I didn’t even know what a KPI was, although I am sure my TV terminology was equally as baffling to my new colleagues. After a year of finding my feet I decided to embark on a serious qualification to cement my new career and enrolled on my Professional Diploma in PR

What's The Diploma All About

Hailed as a Masters equivalent it promises to enable you to operate more strategically, and with confidence – something I was lacking coming from a world of pure entertainment. I chose this particular course because I was able to tailor the assignments to suit my own area of expertise, content, and develop the professional techniques needed to plan and evaluate effectively.

Although it is supposed to be a ten month course, various life obstacles got in the way and I took two years to complete it. With the deadline looming, throughout the hottest summer on record and my first in my own house with a garden, I was holed up indoors hitting the books every weekend. Despite missing BBQs and parties I learnt so much and realised that career development is something that drives me. Not only did I learn a lot from the tutors and books, but from the other people on the course who came from a wide spectrum of PR backgrounds. I was almost bereft when it finished. So much so I have already booked a new course for 2019 and will continue to make time for CPD for the rest of my career. With so many options to learn that can fit round almost any schedule, why not try something new this year too?

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