I recently read a blog about how much PR has changed since the 1990's, which brought back some lovely memories of when I started Ceres eighteen years ago. I look back fondly to events which you knew multiple journalists would always attend, faxing endless press releases and waiting for film to be developed after a recipe shoot.

Back then the digital age had barely started, websites were a rarity and email was in its infancy. There were far fewer consumer touch points and only a handful of TV and radio channels.

But perhaps the biggest difference is the way the walls between what were once independent and often isolated disciplines like PR and advertising have crumbled and how PR now encompasses a much wider raft of skills. Whilst the traditional PR skills such as media relations are still very much part of the marketing mix, an effective PRstrategy is likely to include multiple disciplines implemented across several channels - to create a 360 degree campaign that can really make a difference.

Today the Ceres team skill set not only includes strategic planning, media relations, event management and copy writing but also digital and content creation.

So while I may have fond memories of the '90s I am excited and inspired by all the possibilities this fascinating profession of PR offers today and look forward to seeing where the next decade will take us!

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