Q. Introduce yourself in one sentence

A people person who loves nothing better than meeting new people, learning new things and trying new foods.

Q. How long have you been at Ceres? What’s your role?

I co-founded Ceres 21 years ago – so guess you can say it all started with me!

Like most business owners I know, my role covers almost all aspects of the business! Kathryn and I are very hands on –so in any week we might do everything from strategic planning, overseeing campaign creation and implementation, to meeting clients and generally keeping up to date with what’s happening in this ever- evolving world of food and PR that we operate in.

Q. How did you get into PR? What made you want to choose it as a career?

It all began when I was working in the potato industry and a role opened up. I had always worked alongside PR and marketing teams and had a love of communicating about the products and brands I was working with. I took the chance and stepped into the role and have never looked back.

Q. What’s your favourite part of the job?

That’s such a hard question as even after 21 years I still love what I do every day… but what I love particularly about this job is that you are always learning, and I get to meet the most amazing and inspirational people – and to work with some of them too!

Q. What’s a stand out campaign you have been a part of that you’re proud of?

I’m privileged to have worked on so many amazing campaigns but one that is especially close to my heart is LEAF Open Farm Sunday – and I'm proud of how we have helped take this from a pilot campaign to one that is leading the way in connecting people of all ages with how their food is produced, whilst showcasing all the fantastic work British farmers do.

Q. What’s been your best Ceres moment?

So, so many to choose from – but a recent highlight was a couple of months ago when we opened the doors to the Ceres Kitchen. It brings to life all that we stand for – our love of food, our food expertise and our creativity – really proud of the team and all that we do in there!

Q. If you could work with any brand in the world, who would it be and why?

Ideally one of the gins I have at home – like Elephant Gin – but if not the gin then Fever Tree. It's inspirational the way they have transformed the gin and tonic!

Q. What’s your favourite dish?

A bacon butty – made with the best locally cured back bacon and thick slices of fabulous white bread! And of course with a strong cup of builder’s tea!

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one item you’d take?

I'm guessing I wouldn’t be allowed my phone (those who know me – know I love to talk!) so a radio would be great – just so I don’t feel too lonely!

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