Q. Introduce yourself in one sentence

Lover of good wine, chocolate, spending too much time scouting Home shops, and city breaks.

Q. How long have you been at Ceres? What’s your role?

I have been at Ceres for 2 and a half years and I manage our events and partnerships.

Q. How did you get into PR/Digital/Content Creation? What made you want to choose it as a career?

I chose to study Public Relations at Bournemouth University after not really knowing what I wanted to do as a career, but the PR course sounded interesting and varied so I gave it a go. After starting out in PR for travel and property clients, my experience quickly developed into organising events as part of PR campaigns and whilst being at Ceres I was lucky enough to combine this with my love of food - and so here I am!

Q. What’s your favourite part of the job?

My role is so varied that every day is different which I love. But it really is a great sense of achievement seeing an event come together from start to finish – I may feel like I’ve run a marathon after some shows, but the sense of achievement at the end makes it all worthwhile.

Q. What’s a stand out event you have been a part of that you’re most proud of?

I have honestly enjoyed all the events that I’ve been a part of, but one of my most favourite events I managed was Go Organic for clients Crazy Jack and Tarantella. The stand consisted of two parts – an Italian themed market square (complete with a vespa cut out with a hole for your face for photos), along with a landscape setting on the other side that included giant wellies, cut out trees and games for kids. The stand was a big hit and I was very proud to be a part of making it all happen.

Q. What’s been your best Ceres moment? 

I’m pleased to say there’s been a lot of great moments at Ceres – it’s hard to pick just one, but meeting famous faces at food festivals and events, as well as winning our team Bake Off (a Terry’s chocolate orange cake never fails!) are definitely top of the list.

Q. If you could work with any brand in the world, who would it be and why?

One of my favourite (non-food) brands is Molton Brown (our bathroom is currently like a Molton Brown shop…) so I would love to work with them. Or if it was a food brand, then Lindt would be the one.

Q. What’s your favourite dish?

I have a sweet tooth so it would have to be a dessert dish and one that includes chocolate! A gooey chocolate fudge brownie or a nice slab of chocolate cake always gets my vote.

Q. If you were stranded on a desert island, what would be the one item you’d take?

Bear Grylls would be handy… but if he’s not available it would have to be music so I could at least have a little dance in between building my raft.

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