As any PR professional knows the blogging community is one of the most influential channels there is but how can we make the most of these passionate bloggers who blog on topics as diverse as beauty to food and cars to parenting? 

On the 2nd June I took time out to visit BlogCon London to catch up on the latest in the world of blogging and find out what the latest trends in this increasingly important channel are. Organised by super blogger Scarlett London, the event offered bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers and PRs the chance to meet and build relationships. The day consisted of networking, brands showcasing their products and lots of discussions – with an elite set of panelists taking the time to answer questions about the industry and how they made their way to the top.

One of the most interesting panels I attended focussed on how people can begin to “re-boot the Blogosphere” and featured bloggers Stephanie YeboahBeth Sandland and Jordan Brown . The seminar discussed how people can begin to make an impact within a very saturated industry and how simple methods of support, such as liking an Instagram post, can help someone’s blog go from 100 followers to over a 1,000 in just a few weeks.

One of the main topics which kept cropping up throughout the day was how to successfully manage a relationship between PRs and influencers. Blogging may be relatively new but is growing at a rapid pace, so it is often difficult to know what is considered respectable etiquette and what is pushing the boundaries just that extra bit too far. However, it was clear that a balanced combination of mutual respect and creativity, can provide high quality content which is beneficial both to the brand and the influencer.  

The blogging industry is quickly becoming as influential as mainstream media, with blogs ranging across the scale from dedicated foodies to DIY craft mums. BlogCon London was no exception and it was great to meet so many inspiring people who were really knowledgeable in their chosen subject. I also saw some great examples of creativity from the bloggers I spoke to, ranging from amazing Instagram images which popped with colour to bespoke hand stitched fashion pieces, which would not have looked out of place on the runway. 

Overall, BlogCon London was an inspiring event which encouraged people to connect over their shared passion. It enabled me to better understand the PR relationship from the other side of the fence and allowed me to meet people who I know I would be proud to work with in the future.

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