The definition of a “foodie” is described in the Oxford Dictionary as someone with a particular interest in food; a gourmet. However, the results of a recent survey of over 5,000 British foodies, conducted byGreat British Chefs, gave us a much deeper insight into what being a “foodie” actually means, including what foodies like to eat, their attitude towards cooking and what’s in their cupboards!

According to the survey (and perhaps unsurprisingly), foodies absolutely love cooking (93% of those surveyed either love or really like cooking), are passionate and adventurous with food (43% claim to eat everything and anything) and enjoy discovering new foods (84%).

When it comes to cooking, on average the British foodie cooks a portfolio of 94 dishes and they are not just sticking to classic dishes such as roast chicken and spaghetti bolognaise. 35% regularly make Thai green curry, 21% regularly make tagine and over a quarter have made dim sum. The majority would rather cook a simple dish at home than order a takeaway or cook a ready meal, and more and more foodies are turning to DIY cooking such as making their own chutney (58%), jam (57%) and curry paste (55%).

The results also found that foodies are not averse to experimenting with different meats with 37% having cooked ostrich, closely followed by kangaroo (26%), snail (20%), buffalo (15%) and crocodile (13%). Top staples in a foodies’ cupboard include soy sauce (92%), coconut milk (72%) and Thai fish sauce (63%), which combined with the other results, reveal that foodies have a truly global approach when it comes to cooking.

It’s not only what foodies cook that was insightful, but also what equipment they’re using to do so. An impressive number of foodies have invested in a stand mixer (53%), an ice cream maker (35%), a smoker (12%) and even a dehydrator (6%). They also own a wide variety of specialist equipment ranging from slow cookers (63%), meat thermometers (57%) and liquidisers (55%).

Whilst not all of us here at Ceres own a smoker or dehydrator, one thing we can all agree on is that we are extremely passionate about food, love cooking and certainly enjoy new foodie experiences. Taking the results on board, and after a show of hands in the office, it’s clear we here at Ceres can definitely describe ourselves as foodies, and is something we are extremely proud to convey in our work each and every day!

You can read Great British Chefs whitepaper on foodies for your self here:

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