I thought I would stop for a few minutes today, to reflect on what has been such an extraordinary couple of weeks.

Working in the food sector as we do, we have seen at first hand, the practical impact of the crisis – and have had to be flexible and respond fast - sometimes several times a day. Plans have changed, strategy revised overnight, language adapted, content revised – it has certainly been a roller coaster of a fortnight. But what, aside from a great Ceres team spirit, has and I know will, get us all through this, is the amazing camaraderie, support and laughter - from peers, clients, suppliers and pretty much everyone we have had contact with.

From a personal perspective, I dusted off the skills I learned when I trained as a home economist (a ‘couple’ of decades ago!) as I planned ahead meals for four adults – making sure we eat well, healthily, minimise waste and don’t come out the ‘other side’ significantly larger than when this crisis started. I consider myself lucky to have these skills and it’s great to see brands and experts giving some good practical advice online to help those who haven’t got this knowledge – particularly important for those who can’t shop regularly or are used to more eating out than in. Be great if at the end of this we see the resurgence of home economics?

Those that know me, know that I have long been an advocate of talking and the phone as a way of communicating over endless emails! It’s been great to see an increase in real conversations, whether by phone or video and this has been key in our approach in the last two weeks, playing a significant part in achieving what has been needed for our clients. Journalists, for example, are really appreciating calls to discuss how we can work together to achieve content that helps everyone.

I know that the weeks ahead will continue to be challenging – but keep talking, listening, caring for each other and above all remember to laugh at least once a day!

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