While podcasts have been around for nearly two decades now (where does the time go?), the ongoing restrictions and lockdowns over the past year have given many people more time and less distractions. As a result, podcasts have really come into their own, with around 18% of UK adults listening to a podcast in the average week[i].

As an agency with food at the heart of everything we do, there’s no surprise that we are a team of foodie podcast fanatics, who are always hungry to hear more. But, just like our preferences when it comes to food and drink itself, podcasts can be an acquired taste, and with hundreds to choose from, how do you pick the ones you want to listen to?

Here some of the Ceres team have shared their favourite foodie podcasts to help you decide…

Cat’s favourite podcast is… Life on a Plate

Cat says: “Life on a Plate is an absolutely delightful listen! The reason it appeals to me is that it gives me a satisfying taste of two of my great passions, food and people. I love listening to people’s stories, I find them fascinating, and in particular, I find it incredibly heart-warming hearing how food has changed the lives of the interviewees, and how life has impacted how they feel about food. I’m also very fond of the hosts, Jimi Famurewa and Alison Oakervee; they have a great energy, tonnes of passion and they keep their guests talking.

“One of the recent Life on a Plate podcasts includes an interview with ‘Chocolat’ novelist, Joanne Harris, who talks about her childhood being raised by her French mother in Yorkshire. Despite living in Yorkshire, she very much lived in a French cultural bubble, which very much transformed her life and relationship with food. Life on a Plate has a really recognisable tone of voice and has had some big names on the show recently including comedian, Sarah Millican and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.”

Listen here: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/life-on-a-plate/id1546108955

Charlotte’s favourite podcast is…Table Manners

Charlotte says: “The Table Manners podcast with Jessie Ware is definitely my favourite listen! Jessie and her mum Lennie chat every week about life, culture and food and really make you feel like you’re part of their conversation rather than listening to a podcast. I find the podcast really funny, relatable and laid back, which makes it a really easy listen that I look forward to each week.

“They have a range of guests from celebrities like Fearne Cotton to health and fitness experts like Joe Wicks, meaning each episode is different and exciting whilst still maintaining a chatty, inviting style. Being rated the most popular arts and food podcast in the UK consistently on the iTunes Podcast Chart, I’m clearly not the only one choosing this as a favourite!”

Listen here:https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/table-manners-with-jessie-ware/id1305228910?mt=2

Emily’s favourite podcast is… BBC Good Food

Emily explains why: “If you love food as much as me, then BBC Good Food is the podcast for you. It is full of delectable tales on different foods and recipes and makes me feel like I am capable of cooking anything. Some of my favourite episodes from the podcast feature popular chef, Tom Kerridge; journalist and food lover, Orlando Murrin and food writer and author, Rosie Birkett – I challenge you to find a better trio to discuss all things food! I absolutely love their conversations on the different ways to use ingredients and frank opinions of some classic dishes.

“One of my favourite episodes is called Puddings. It’s a great account of their personal preferences on desserts and their enthusiastic thoughts are comically relatable throughout. The podcast has just launched a new series hosted by Miriam Nice and Nadiya Ziafat and I can’t wait to get stuck in! The new series promises to deep dive into different recipes with an expert guest each episode – the first being on Butter Chicken with Nikita Gulhane (sounds delicious!)”

Listen here: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/feature/podcasts

Annie’s favourite podcast is…

Off Menu

Annie explains why: “Each week, Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite a special guest to pick their favourite starter, main and dessert, and I love that it doesn’t always make sense! The dishes can come from different parts of the world and some of them might never be found together on the same menu in any restaurant, but the fun of this podcast is that it allows you to use your imagination. In a similarly creative fashion, the Off Menu podcast is delightfully lacking in a set structure as James Acaster and Ed Gamble often find themselves quite off topic.

“The dynamic duo have a natural back-and-forth when they dissect each guest’s choices, and they always manage to find a new joke to make about whether a guest picks still or sparkling water. In an episode which featured Anne-Marie, I think we were all left baffled when she described sparkling water as sour, but we were in simultaneous agreement about the perfection of a cream-cheese bagel. We’ve all had a moment where we’ve laughed at our friend’s latest, strange food invention or craving and, when James and Ed do the same with their guests, it makes you feel as though you are listening to a close-knit group of friends. I found this especially comforting during lockdown when I couldn’t see my friends in the usual way. You may not learn amazing new facts when listening to Off Menu, but it evokes a sense of familiarity which during recent times we have all been missing.”

Listen here: https://www.offmenupodcast.co.uk/episodes

Taryn’s favourite podcast is… Deliciously Ella

Taryn explains why: “A good podcast to me is a combination of three things – education, personality and being relatable. All three of these things are elements which the Deliciously Ella podcast ties in perfectly. Produced by the savvy Ella Mills, founder of the successful Deliciously Ella brand, the reason this podcast appeals to me is because it focuses on topics which I can relate to on a personal level. Whether it’s discussing how to change unhealthy habits, that you might not even know you have (especially during lockdown!), or how to find healthy routines with food, each episode is not only fascinating, but is communicated in a way which connects me to the topic or expert. 

"A podcast is very personal, often being listened to through my headphones while on a walk, so to me a presenter needs to be one I feel as if becomes a friend. This is exactly what I get from Ella – I feel as if I am sat round with her and her experts, having a coffee and a good old chat! The latest episode focuses on how to supercharge your brain with Professor James Godwin, a leading expert on brain health, and it dived into how to successfully manage stress levels, the benefits of yoga and how to make your brain ‘glow’. Something I think we all need a bit of right now as we head into the next phase of pandemic uncertainty!”

Listen here: https://deliciouslyella.com/podcast/how-to-supercharge-your-brain/

[i] RAJAR Q2 ’20

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